A Valentine Playlist For Our Lovely Fans

So another Valentines Day is upon us and we here at Ear to the Ground believe you are going to need some music to make it through. Sure, the lovers have Al Green, but the rest of us want something more undiscovered. We dug through our endless vaults of great music and found exactly what you need. Seven unique and different tracks that speak of love in some form while uplifting and empowering the most tarnished of hearts. So melt into your most comfortable chair with your favorite bottle of adult substance and enjoy the next few moments.

Swimming Tapes – “Cameo”

There is something hugely attractive about the sound of this London based act. It’s dreamy and introspective while being fun and catchy – a fine balance to maintain for any young act. “Cameo” is the latest single off their solid EP Souvenirs and will help you forget the recent blizzards and political upheaval. Guitarist and vocalist Robbie Reid explains the track this way: “Cameos is about being far away from a person you want to see more of, dragging yourself through the week while wishing you were somewhere else.” Talk about a perfect track for Valentines Day. Their dream pop is just what your heart needs this, and every day.

Sjowgren – “Now & Then”

This is the perfect song in more than a few ways. Vocally, it will make even the most difficult of listeners swoon. Starting delicate and sweet, then turning into something with a little more ranging confidence in the chorus, we hear a track that bounces nicely between the past and present with pop confidence. Instrumentally, there are times you can hear a Cure style vibe, which is of course quintessential Valentines Day, jams. There is not much info on this act but just like any love affair, it leaves you wanting more.

Wild – “Hold Us Together”

What would this list be without a dueling male and female vocal track? This three-piece act holds tight reign on their pop sensibilities while flirting with an indie hipster folk sound. It is ambitious, uplifting, and everything a pop track should be. With soaring instrumentation and incredible harmonies, this might be the most inspiring track you hear in ’17. Never settling for simple lyrics, there is some deep songwriting happening here that you have to listen to a few times to truly appreciate. We are excited to share this one with you and are looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Bamboo Dolls – “Death Of A Dandy”

Sometimes you need a sick guitar fuzz rift to help you move on from a love lost. Here is the perfect track for that. Classic rock vocals that don’t attempt to do too much; help to explain heartbreak with the incredible backdrop of the perfect guitar tone. Part Arctic Monkeys, this song is catchy, sexy, and confident as hell. This is one meant to be played loud and proud regardless of your current love situation. It transcends romance.

Clubhouse– “Kyra”

Love The 1975? Wish it had a John Mayer type flare? Well then you’re in luck. Let me introduce you to Clubhouse. A song about a love lost – Kyra – it has an updated retro sound reminiscent of M83. The instrumentation is the diamond of this track while the echoing vocals complement the subject matter in a confident and beautiful way. Heartbreak makes for great art, and this track is definite proof.

Eric Saint Nicholas – “Sister California”

This is an easygoing track where the protagonist goes to California to meet with someone who is struggling with life. Sang in the style of James Taylor, this is a beautiful and simple track that will stay with you all day. It’s encouraging and confident while still being humble and sweet. It’s not a typical love song, at least in the romantic sense, but brings to mind the love we have for family and friends during a rough period of life. His voice has a classic style to it while being able to soothe and provoke thought. You are going to want to hear more from this guy immediately after. Good thing his album American Heartbreak Radio was just released.

Evan Nachimson – “Stone Heart”

Written and produced by Nachimson, this track is piercing and as close to perfection as you are going to find. Towing the line between southern rock and whatever Ed Sheeran is, the lyrics will resonate with anyone who has ever loved anything. The lyrics long for a stone heart that keeps the singer from loving the girl that calls him when she is drunk. Laced with a classic organ and the perfect amount of guitar, this is exactly the tune you need when nursing a broken heart. His EP is out now, and take our word for it, you are going to want to pick it up immediately. If his songwriting isn’t enough to convince you, let the fact that recently he was able to raise over $5,000 for Stand Up to Cancer by using one of the first songs he ever wrote as a kid. Sounds like he never got that stone heart he sings about.

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