Three Different Tracks To Ignite Your Saturday

Natalie Major – “Human”

For fans of: Lana Del Rey and Heart Crushing Vocals

This Chicago raised singer songwriter is on the rise. We have loved this track since we received it last month and could not wait to share it with you. “Human” is a classic heart busting ballad sung over delicate piano. Her vocals are quintessential pop but there are definite shades of Lana Del Rey. Honest, raw, and strangely catchy, this tune will grab your attention and leave you wanting more. We are not sure what is next for the songstress, there is limited information about her, but we hope there is an EP in the near future. Her take on what it means to be human is appreciated.

Emma Ballantine – “Harmonise”

For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Florence and the Machine

For her new songs, the songwriter decided to reach out for inspiration. The project is called “Somebody’s Story” and it asks for stories that made an impact. This track was based on a chance encounter in Chicago. The writing process from this inspiration is interesting and Ballantine does well at navigating into an emotive story that transcends the form in which it takes. This project released last week, and Ballantine is set for a release of her own EP in April. Her sound is intriguing with how it sounds both new, and familiar.

Satchmode – “In/Between”

For fans of: Sigur Ros, Radiohead, contemplative space rock

The band’s debut album Love Hz comes out later this month and it has already generated buzz from industry insiders as “fresh”, “vibrant”, and “beautifully evocative”. The band will be wrapping up a tour soon in support of Mating Ritual. Their sound could be described as dream pop with an indie rock edge. This is a band who knows how to write a heartbreaking yet triumphant lullaby that will capture both your imagination and your soul. Satchmode may be the “next big thing” of 2017. Listen for yourself.

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