The Best Rock We’ve Heard This Week

Island – “Dreaming Of”

There have been a slew of great rock bands from the UK that have spawned from the success of Foals. These chaps are likely to be the next ones. Building guitar with vocals that resonate yet are ambiguous enough to keep you interested, their sound is deliberate and fresh. Only about a year into their career, their debut EP Girl has sparked a buzz that exploded with their single “Stargazer” which is close to 2 million streams on Spotify. They are set to release another EP later this month and if this track is any indication, get ready to hear more of these guys.

Groves – “Urges”

This LA trio dance through genres almost seamlessly. Starting out in electro, they shift into a harder rock vibe with a guitar statement you have to listen to believe. The vocals remind us of Phoenix with a bite. Their debut EP is set for release in February but they have already earned a unique touring spot with Culture Club and continues to grab the attention of fans while only releasing two tracks. Their sound is epic and spacey and is sure to win over your fickle heart like it won over ours.

KNGDAVD – “Medicine”

So if Adam Levine fronted Awolnation, they would sound a lot like KNGDAVD. The guitar crunch of this track grabbed our attention immediately, while the soulful chorus is pretty much guaranteed to make you take notice. The track is incredibly sexy and works well with the subject matter: “It’s a song about using sex to avoid dealing with a dysfunctional relationship. Like your typical pain meds, sex can be a quick distraction from the real issues” the band describes. Surprisingly deep for a rock band of this stature, “Medicine” is sure to heal your music blues.

Hello Operator – “Loverman”

This track is sure to get you moving. It is the quintessential rock tune and does everything you would expect it to our gain. Rock guitar, edgy vocals dripping with cockiness, and drums that rattle your brain, it’s got it all. These guys have an English swagger that can only come from York. We are excited to hear more dirty rock that makes us feel so damn good.

The Pale White – “Reaction”

From the time you enter play, this track transforms you into a guitar heavy, soul crushing, spirit lifting wall of sound that is sure to win your approval. It plays out like a Queens of the Stone Age jam with it’s walking fuzzed guitar and it’s easy going but biting vocals. Our only complaint, is that we wish the guitar solo was longer. The British rock staples are overflowing with ideas right now and are unfortunately not looking to release an EP until next year. But never fear, as they unroll more track, we are sure to provide you with them.

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