5 Artists to Prep Your Weekend

We get it. It’s Thursday and all you can think about is the coming weekend coming like a deliberate warden coming to free you from your weekday prison. While you hope for a better day, we have five artists to make the wait more bearable.


Army of Bones – “Don’t Be Long”

The lead single off their soon to be released self-titled album, “Don’t Be Long” mixes The National style dad rock with Muse style vocals and ‘80’s retro sound for good measure. This band surprised us with their tight construction and apparent knowledge of different music types. They are able to blend a sound that is unique and compelling. The track builds into a sweeping electro rock moment that will lead listeners floating to something deeper. There are a lot of things to like on this one while it does what ever single should do – leave you wanting more.

Tyler Kind – “Occlusion” / “Self Actualized”

And now for something completely different. We do not typically cover instrumental tracks but “Occlusion” is a beautiful exception, while “Self Actualized is a gentle mix of little instrumentation and soft vocals. Not much is known about the artist but you have to appreciate his honest take on his art in a culture of fake news. Recording his new EP in three days, it is self-described as lo-fi bedroom pop with hints of shoegaze. For the brevity in which it was recorded, there is absolutely no urgency in his sound, and that is both appreciated and needed.

Shadowgraphs – “Countryside”

A hazy nod to a better time of music, this track is sure to throw you back into a period now removed. It has a flower child style vibe with a Tame Impala update. Echoed vocals and organs help create a vintage wall of sound that is refreshing. The only negative of this track is it is too short. We are excited to hear more from the act soon.

Callum Pitt – “You’d Better Sell It While You Can”

The title to this indie folk newbie is taken from a lyric by beloved artist Elliot Smith, and he has more than a little in common with him. His voice is reminiscent of many familiar artists while balancing both beauty and fragility. “This was the first song I ever wrote and, when I was 15, I performed it to my entire year group at school and people were shocked to hear I had this big falsetto voice from such a quiet person.” explains the artist. Currently he is working on his debut EP and if love this track like we do, you can download it for free on both his Soundcloud page as well as his website.

The Downtown Lights – “Stars”

This indie throwback has something special. The French act reminds us a little of Oasis with their vocal confidence and guitar riffs that will make you shake and take notice. It even contains a sitar and a phone ring. Creative and provocative, 2017 is set to be a big year for the talented and transcending act.

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