Saturday Spotlight – Survival Guide – “One To One”

One of the most frustrating things about romantic relationships, is the inability to truly know the other person. No matter the time, intimacy, or investment, there is always a side that remains hidden like a wall no amount of communication can pierce through. In this way, it reminds us of great music. Analyze all you want, sometimes we are incapable of truly understanding the art behind the sound.

It is within this landscape we find Survival Guide and their new tune “One To One”. The track’s ambiguity and relevancy is only matched by it’s haunting, visceral sound. This particular project excites us here at Ear to the Ground because it is the pet project of Tsunami Bomb founder, Emily Whitehurst, who has had an interesting career without the fact she played with the legendary Joan Jett. This song has the habit of sticking with you long after it plays, which is the artist’s intention: “This song is one of my darker, slower ones, yet somehow I get an energy from it during the live show. It’s one of my bassiest songs too, so maybe that’s why.” says Whitehurst. The video shows the dark unknown of relationships and how there are two detached realities playing out between the parties. Already an unnerving song, it’s visual interpretation is equally jarring. Whitehurst’s vocals are especially emotive throughout and stand above the myriad of reasons we are excited to hear more from Survival Guide. 

Check out the new video below and let us know your thoughts:

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