Three Completely Different Artists For Your Saturday

Scotch Mist – “Speak of the Devil”

The brothers that make up Scotch Mist have an interesting thing going. This is one of those acts that prove labels meaningless. In their latest single, we see the boys with the harmonies of Fleet Foxes, mixed with a jazz type bass, Cage the Elephant vocals, and a shoe gaze style arrangement. On top of this, they mix religious language flawlessly, as if to capture imaginations. Their style is unique and explodingly creative. Take our word for it, these guys are sure to make you feel something special.

Gavin Sultan – “Parallel Universe

The self-motivated and extremely talented Gavin Sultan has a knack for doing it all. Writing, producing, and recording on his own, the guy is as smooth as he is multi-talented. We were drawn to him because of his Drake and Nirvana covers, which you need to check out on his Soundcloud page. His music is minimal, soulful, and beautiful. He reminds us of a mix between Chet Faker and James Blake. That alone should pique your interest.

Static Stereo – “About Last Night”

All of us can relate to at least something in the new song by the indie pop duo. While incredibly poppy, the songwriting is actually very good. The whole song illustrates a night of debauchery and unfolds much like a Train song – and I mean this as a compliment. Many artists can write half a song on one topic and then end up going elsewhere by the second half. These guys stick to the storyline and it builds to the point of urgency and a desire for listeners to hear what’s next. It’s a rare gift.

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