Tunes for a Rainy Saturday

Atlas Engine – “Everest”

This one has indie anthem written all over it. Setting a rising atmosphere that makes the listener dream and face life head on, the calls to shout with the chorus are persuasive and vibrant. The infectious drums are reminiscent of a thriving soul that is undaunted by life’s rocky moments. The just released After the End EP is the project of multi talented Nick LaFalce and is a must listen for fans of atmosphere and acts like Temper Trap. This is a gem of a song.


Hot Dreams – “Plungepool”

Another rising and persistent jam, this is a song that will remind you of some of your favorite shoegaze artists but will fall on more of the upbeat end of the genre. A relatively newer act, the artists have their hometown of London all over their indie sound. If you dig bands like Frightened Rabbit, then you are sure to like these boys. Featured on BBC Radio, they are set to make a splash in the US soon.


Jazz Morley – “Take Me Down”

The winner of the coolest name contest, Jazz Morley creates music that is just as smooth as her name. Her haunting pop indie sound has drawn comparisons to the likes of Jesse Ware and Lapsley. Hailing from England, her sound transcends space and allegiances. Her soaring voice is the trademark of her music and does will with a minimalistic backdrop of instrumentation she provides. You are guaranteed to feel something especially while listening to “Take Me Down”, a anthemic tune for anyone who struggles with the unfair expectations of others.


J GRGRY – “eFlower”

For the Seattle born Joe Gregory’s new song, he worked with some impressive industry vets who have helped acts like The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and Band Of Horses craft their sound. “eFlower” is a personal song for the artist who describes it as a song I wrote about my struggle with alcoholism and addiction. The song touches on the aspect of being secretive and not letting people know how far down the road of alcoholism I was,” Gregory says. “The chorus is hard for me to sing live sometimes because I get so emotional when I think about how my hands would shake every day before I had my first shot and how dark life was for me then.” With a new EP and tour to follow, his sound is sure to make listeners take notice of his authentic craft.

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