Farewell Ohio – Honest and Nostalgic Rock

Many times in the course of being a citizen of the Buckeye state, the average citizen wishes to say farewell to disappointing sports teams and volatile weather. Yet, maybe it is a love of punishment and heartbreak that keeps us bound to the state. Perhaps it is in the kneeling in the valley of disappointment that thickens our spines with immeasurable grit and perseverance. It is the cursed blessing of living in Ohio.


This battle of humility and toughness are beautifully illustrated in the music of Farewell Ohio. The rockers show nothing flashy or opulent, just a solid work ethic complete with an honest blue-collar drive to be better than they’ve been. In a climate of self-promotion and grandeur, the boys from Farewell Ohio have quietly released an album of rock and roll integrity in their debut Scenes. This surely doesn’t mean that the band is above showcasing their skills. Take the classic guitar solo in the catchy “Where Do I Begin”. Confidently the band tightly weaves alt-rock vocals with punching instrumentation that will leave listeners feeling eerily optimistic.

“Not Ready to Go” is another scorcher about giving the best in us and sticking around despite conflict and drama. Their toughness shines through in the classic rock tune that will remind you of back when Warped Tour was cool. This attitude continues in “Frantic Youth”. Complete with fuzzed guitars and sing-a-long vocals, this tune could be the battle cry for a generation of uncertain adolescence.

“Fight or Flight” might be the best tune on the album. Clap inducing drums set the stage for an unrelenting burner about standing your ground. Grit and determination are definite themes throughout the eleven songs that comprise Scenes. This particular tune, as well as “Let Me Be” recently found their way on the band’s acoustic EP that shows a different, but welcome side to the band.


If you dig honest rock, devoid of gimmicks and frills, that remind you of your youth and the bands you loved during that time, then look no further than Farewell Ohio. Their stellar first LP Scenes is currently on Bandcamp for free but is totally worth a few bucks you should throw their way.

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