5 Saturday Bands to Know

Who: Hospital

Where: Moscow

Why listen: A band with crazy infectious lyrics and highly danceable beats, the boys of Hospital have been lauded by Rolling Stone, Metropol, and, Ear to the Ground partners, Tradiio. Uncommon Sense, the band’s second LP came out in May and has found them playing with the likes of The Neighbourhood, Gerard Way, Lana Del Rey, and The Kooks. “Lovergirl” and “Ariel” are some of the finest constructed songs we have heard all year. If you dig dream pop rock with a soul, look no further than these boys from Moscow.

Extra reasons to love: killer website, free music downloads

Who: Duncan Fellows

Where: Austin, TX

Why listen: Thriving in the heart of the much lauded music scene in Austin, Duncan Fellows are fresh off a sold out show at Stubb’s Bar-B-Que and a great debut EP Twelve Months Older. These are one of those acts whom you love immediately; yet have a tough time explaining why. It’s tight, fun, and confidently vulnerable. “Coffins” is a great mix of alt-folk, rock infused heartbreak. The band shares genre space with Avett Brothers and Lake Street Dive without copying any one style or groove.

Extra reasons to love: touring with Houndmouth currently, the band will be playing a few SXSW surrounding shows and are set for a HUGE debut LP. Listen to them now, or kick yourself later.

Who: Panic is Perfect

Where: San Francisco, CA

Why listen: Panic is Perfect recently dropped their debut LP, Cellspace, which is a rich piece of dream pop reminiscent of the likes of Passion Pit and MGMT. Founding member Mike Hoffman explains the album like this: “We have a lot of multilayered arrangements in our songs, and almost everything we write features big hooks. Everything is catchy, but it’s also complex. The songs are approachable and memorable at the same time.” The band does an extraordinary job at making you dance without the need of turning your brain off. The hooks are catchy and the lyrics are thoughtful. It is a perfect mix of sound and soul.

Extra reasons to love: a perfect blend of hip-hop beats with a pop bite makes their sound easy for anyone to love.


Where: Los Angeles, CA

Why listen: Three-piece indie rock darlings TUFT know what they are crafting. Their fantastic debut LP, Look Look, will make fans of bands like Cold War Kids, Arcade Fire, and Black Keys take notice. Mixing classic guitar parts with melodic leanings, the band works well without the need of lyrics, which they do provide wonderfully. TUFT may be one of the more intriguing bands to come out of 2016.

Extra reasons to love: The band is currently pledging their way for an April 6th release of Look Look. The ETTG offices recently received an advance copy, and trust us, it is killer.


Where: Brooklyn, NY

Why listen: POP ETC’s gem of a track “Please Don’t Forget Me” embodies everything brilliant in a post breakup new wave infused track. Hopeful and melancholy, the song pleads for mental space amidst the wreckage of a relational “fuck up”. Their new album, Souvenir, is a ‘80’s throwback with exuberant energy and thoughtful lyrics. Songs like “Vice”, remind listeners of Michael Jackson mixed with the Miami Vice soundtrack, and that is a very good thing.

Extra reasons to love: the band is currently on a US tour with Banners, “I Wanted to Change the World, but the World Changed Me” might be the coolest, if not longest, song title ever



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