Meanmotorscooter – – Attention Grabbing, Emotive EP

Louisville artist Tyrel Kessinger, who operates under the title of meanmotorscooter has recently released his first EP entitled Rock Me Like A Hurricanrana. While we come across many (sooo many) albums at Ear to the Ground, we have to say that this particular release grabbed our attention immediately with its genre bending jams and punch you in the earbud lyrical stylings. Taking cues from rock, acoustic, art-punk, and even a little ‘80’s New Wave a la The Cars, the five songs that make up the EP are emotive, creative, and incredibly soul shakingly fun.

“Came Home Low” unfolds like a scene from Pulp Fiction, complete with Devo style vocals and handclap inducing hooks. While it will compel listeners to sway and groove, the lyrics are what shook me. We find the singer dealing with the weight of lifeless religion and an existence marred by a broken connection between the divine and man. It’s uncomfortable but incredibly brave and authentic. This might be the best tune on the EP.

“Little Boy Blue” is an energetic punker of a tune. “The sun’s still out / we’re still here / that’s good news” mumbles the singer in a simple but impressive lyric. There is no escaping a certain Beck type quality in his songwriting, however his music is uniquely and confidently his own.


“Time and Place” is a seductive slow jam sung in the key of Marilyn Manson and surprisingly, it works. Blending jazz and synth, Tyrel reveals a deeper talent that might be easy to overlook by the way he creates. There is definitely something inventive happening that is reminiscent of Art Punk, which of course, can be an acquired taste.

“I wonder who I am / am I just waiting to die / is this the end or just the end of the line” the singer croons in “Pointless, Man”. This could be classified as pop, but we see the artist using these songs to explore meaning and purpose. It is exceedingly imaginative and highly singable. If you like Modest Mouse and how they explore similar subject matter, then this tune will fit nicely into your speakers.


We loved the EP but be warned, this album is not for everyone. It’s an explosion of tastes and motives, and is anything but linear. If you enjoy Pop Art, New Wave, or just a man exploring the boundaries of creativity and purpose, then we highly recommend these tunes.

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