Kate’s Top Albums–2015

Here’s the good stuff, kids.  In no particular order (unless indicated), these are my favorite new albums I have listened to this year.

Morgan Mecaskey’s “Lover Less Wild”

Morgan has a gorgeous, divergent, smokey voice and a bluesy, rock and roll style.  She just dropped a Christmas single if you want to check it out.

Ashley Allred’s self titled EP.

Glowing, ethereal, beautiful, perfect for any setting.  Deepset harmonies, emotional instruments.




Honeybucket‘s “Stompin’ Grounds”

I don’t listen to much bluegrass, but when I do–it has been this EP in the car anytime I need to smile.  There will be clapping, laughter, smiling, and stomping of feet.  Please indulge in the homey feelings and upright bass-y banjo-ness of these Cleveland gentlemen.


Ashley Raines’ “I’ll Fight”

I’m biased because Raines is my favorite but this cover EP will dig some dirt out of your soul.   Raw, naked, bitter, sweet. Enjoy this EP with a good cry and a shot of bourbon.


Poema’s “Pretty Speeches”

Strong, loamy girl-pop reminiscent of California sunshine and being thirsty by the ocean.  Pastels, soft denim, and hydrangeas grown in a greenhouse but delivered to your local grocery.


Band of Lovers “The Coast”

These kids have actually created one of my favorite albums ever. It’s a golden road trip. A journey across the country and through the ups and downs of a relationship.  There are times of bliss and times of crying yourself to sleep as you climb in your little car and take off for Tennessee, the Rockies, San Francisco.  Plus, they’re just stinking adorable.

Little Red Lung’s “Beware”

So good. Evanescent, breathy, sticky, a little weird.  I LOVE this album.

Number ONE:

My favorite release this year is Welshly Arms’ self titled album.  It’s bluesy rock and roll that melts right into all of your cracks and it just fills you up with this energy that makes you need to close your eyes and dance. I’ve seen these guys play live and they’re even better in person.  This album is aggressively perfect.  It’s dirty, it’s industrial, it’s fresh.   I could put it on repeat and listen to it for the next six months and still get chills every time.  It is so good.  Please indulge yourself and fall head over heels in love.

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