You Tube Gem: : : : Detroit’s Flint Eastwood Crushes Genres and Eardrums

Making music out of a historic re-purposed church in Detroit, Flint Eastwood has recently released a fantastic EP Small Victories. Balancing stirring and emotive lyrics with pop sensibilities, vocalist and mastermind Jax Anderson’s music is both abstract and accessible. Her recent release draws on the loss of her mother, who was her biggest fan. We are BIG fans of their relentless genre crushing grooves. The passion and disregard for conformity, make them an explosive mix of both sound and sight.

Take for example the set they did awhile back for our friends at Audiotree. They range from power folk to Dead Weather style distortion rock. If their live rendition of the blistering “Shotgun” doesn’t impress you, then you are probably dead already. Watch it below, and order their excellent new EP here.

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