Killer Single Saturday -The She’s – Ramone Style Surf Punk

San Francisco’s The She’s play breezy Ramone style punk that embodies and challenges everything the Golden Gate stands for. Strong, confident, and incendiary, the girls are more in sync than ever on their brand new track “Cherry Red” which is part of a new split 45 via Empty Cellar Records with The Dry Spells. The track is a tight piece of throwback punk that starts with thumping drums and an explosive bass line reminiscent of Cloud Nothings and Best Coast. While many female driven bands can be sickly stylized and gimmicky, The She’s are neither. They play with passion and have the musical chops to carry them past the doubters to the arena of more legitimate acts. A wide audience can relate to the vintage color in which lead singer Hannah Valente paints her lips or the sobering but upbeat reminder that we should live recklessly before we die obscurely.

The group started in middle school playing Ramones covers and that influence is evident and refreshing in this track. The band at once nods to those who have gone before while authentically pursuing the spirit of the age. “Cherry Red” is dizzying and fun. We at Ear to the Ground are deeply convicted that you need this song on your playlist, or if you are a vinyl hipster (and we know you are), then pick up the limited pressing of the 45 here.

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