Valise – Exceptional Atmospheric Indie Pop

There is something beautiful in the music of Dallas indie rock quartet Valise. Their melodies paint a heartbreaking landscape that inspires and stirs even the most skeptical of listeners. Valise’s sound is road tested as they currently came off of playing festivals, headlining shows, and is currently in the midst of an unexpected supporting tour with Macy Gray. While their music isn’t necessarily compared to Gray, the band wanted to shake things up. Valise’s Vince Penick explains it this way:

Macy Gray may not be the first artist people think of when considering who Valise would tour with, and I think that’s exactly what we loved about it.  It gets old, going to shows where you’re basically watching the same band three or four times.  We wanted to shake things up a bit, but still play alongside somebody we respected, and that’s Macy.  Her voice is truly one of a kind, and she’s kept her style fresh and constantly evolving over the past fifteen years.  That’s something every artist should aspire to, and we’re excited to show everybody what we have planned for these shows“.


Their debut album Young Bloomer is a refreshing and ethereal LP that will remind listeners of gifted bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Foster the People, and Young the Giant. “Charlie Gray” is the band’s exceptional new single and we are super pumped to be able to share the beautifully shot everyday video below. While you’re at it, check out the remaining dates of their tour with Macy Gray and check this new band on the rise.

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