Fresh Take Thursday: : : LA’s Cataline feels alive

It’s the classic rock and roll story. Man pursues a degree in conceptual sculpture, man drops out of grad school to pursue music, man then works as a hip hop producer, has a near-death experience then relocates to LA to create a project that makes him feel “alive”.


Okay so this might not be typical but nothing about Chicago native Brent Puls, AKA Cataline, is. The synth project was his brainchild and backed by musicians he found by going to many LA shows. “Being relatively new in town, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I’d go to a show and see a band with a killer bassist and I’d think – that’s exactly the feel that I need on the song I’m tracking. So after the show I’d just find them and ask them to come over and play. Los Angeles is a gold mine.” Says the musician.

“To Be Alive” is gift of a song. It is the fun, energetic, and incredibly inspired declaration of a man who was shaken up and repurposed to follow his true passion. Reminiscent of a mix of Mutemath and Passion Pit, the track is unbelievably catchy and endearing. It is a fresh sound you will find difficult to get out of your head in the most glorious of ways. “Too Little Too Late” is similar in its resolve. Taking a little more slowed down perspective; the tune speaks of the “end of the race”, which could mean life or a budding relationship. His new take on life definitely bleeds into his lyrics and in the end, isn’t this what makes for truly great art?


Check out the producer/musician’s new project Cataline and try not to fall in love.

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