Three Youtube Gems to Waste Away Your Weekend in Style

If you are like us at Ear to the Ground, you can easily spend hours on Youtube jumping through great performances from bands and cats alike. Today we offer you the fruit of our latest binge session. Here are three exceptional acts who have recently released some incredible music videos when we needed them most. Enjoy!

Motion CNTRL

The LA synth duo recently released an impressive seven song EP which reminds us of The XX in the most glorious of ways. Engaging and bright, the duo is as creative musically as they are in the medium of video. Check out their expressive single “Say When” below and if you like what you see, and you definitely will, treat yourself to free downloads here.

Raggy Monster

There might not be another band like Raggy MonsterTheir instrumentation is a sweeping epic that draws both applause and heartbreak in equal measure. The genre smashing five-piece cruise in and out of alt rock, classical, and operatic almost effortlessly. Vocalist Rachel DuVall may be the only one who can keep up with the band’s progressive leanings. “Crying Shame” is an emotive trip with heavy meaning for the band. “This video and song are very personal to me, being inspired by my uncle John. As a kid we visited him a couple times a year and I remember seeing the expression on his face and not being able to tell if he was full of joy or sadness. I think it was a combination of the two. He loved children, and we would talk to him for hours via his plastic sheet with the alphabet on it. He’d slowly spell out what he wanted to say to us, and we’d try to interpret his sentences. Every once in a while though he’d burst into tears and we’d never know why. I think his emotions were too much to handle. It truly was a crying shame, but I hope this video makes him happy wherever he is now.” shares keyboardist and vocalist Billy Schmidt. This act is a refreshing existential breeze across a fractured musical landscape and definitely one worth a heavy inhale.

Genevieve Bellemare

A classic video with a makeout session, Alias style wig, catchy hand clap beat, and an ominous looking cat, “Shenanigans” will have you singing the praises of the multi-talented Bellemare. Forever poppy, she is crazy soulful and extremely seductive. The artist recently released her first full-length album Melancholy Fever which has drawn applause from NPR and Interview Magazine. She reminds us of Fiona Apple, mixed with a little Beck for good measure.  Check out her innovative and imaginative sound below.

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