Shanee Pink – Twin Flame – Folk-Pop Gold

Shanee Pink is somewhat of an old soul with a finger firmly planted on the pulse of modern music. She embodies the music business buzzword of the day – “tastemaker”. The LA-based artist is tremendously creative in her approach while never selling out her free spirit in her application. Her new EP Twin Flame is a collection that will have you hooked from the first play. With an upbeat sound reminiscent of Haim and Tennis, Shanee carves out her own niche in a sort of folk-pop genre. In an attempt to “make LA feel like a small town”, she has recently worked at creating community among musicians and artists by curating a monthly music gathering known as The Laurel Canyon Music Revival, which will be featured soon on Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

Album opener “Brutal Heart” was our site’s first exposure to her energetic and explosive sound. An untraditional love song with the dance inducing chorus of “go / take your brutal heart / rip it from your chest / show it to me beating in your hand”, it is uniquely positive for having such a dark refrain. Shanee shows the depth of her imaginative songwriting while balancing a catchy pop-laced beat. Words truly faulter in describing how much I love this song.
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“A Beginning” is a sort of throwback that might make you think of a young Debbie Harry. A slower more deliberate song, it never strays from the enduring optimism that supports all of her songs. Refreshing without ever being cliché, young songwriters would benefit greatly by taking note of Shanee’s outstanding confidence in not trying to do too much. “Someone You Love” plays in the same musical backyard with a similar chilled vibe. This banner song for unconditional love interjects her brand of electro pop with a heavy dose of folk roots.
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“Howl” is yet another shining spot in the EP. Fun and catchy, there is no doubt that it will have you howling with the chorus. Both sexy and playful, it is great to see a female artist who never panders to expectations but rises above to create something provocative and intelligent. Your life is better with this song coursing through your speakers.
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Shanee Pink is everything that makes LA music great while exploding past its boundaries to create something genuine. I can honestly say that this album hooked me immediately, and I am sure that you will love it with the same authentic passion championed by the artist herself. Twin Flame, the third EP by Shanee Pink is available for a shocking low price on iTunes.

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