Three Bands to Rock Your Saturday

Band: Black Market Aftermath

Album: Come Naked

Story: The pure rock engine of film and TV composer Francesco D’Andrea, BMA is a collection of mighty fine rock songs that will make you sway, headbang, and air guitar in public. Working on shows like House, Big Bang Theory, and Mad Men, the ultimate professional Francesco has created a great mix of grunge and classic rock. Opener “Cities Under Guns” is a sonic punch to the face, while scaled down “Miss You” is a subdued heartbreak tune with a country tinge. This might be to most unique and authentic rock album we have heard all year. If you love music, you need this album. It comes out in October but we have a sneak peak below, or stream the album on Spotify.
For fans of: Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots


Band: Copilots

Album: Sunstroke

Story: It is next to impossible to classify the sound of the Vancouver band Copilots. Formed by accomplished musicians and artists, their third album is subtle, expansive, and at points, disruptive. The collection of seven songs range from the eleven minute opener “Come to Life” to the more traditional three and a half minute “Mountain of Time”, which just happens to be the only song under six minutes. The band show great courage and confidence in exploring the spaces of their sound without feeling rushed. I highly recommend a listen to “The Falls” which steadily builds to a progressive boil. Sunstroke is understated, experimental, and incredibly cool.

For fans of: subtle explosions of sound, progressive rock, a heavier Elliott Smith, Cloud Nothings

Band: SunGhosts

Single: Polterguy

Story: The Floridian band SunGhosts have a way to make even the most stiff hipped critic shake, rattle, and roll. Armed with a serious work ethic and a not so serious rock and roll stage presence, the classic four -piece was recently voted best band in Miami (take that Pitbull). If you love guitar solos with a punk flare, then these are the guys for you. They are relatively new to the scene, but recently released the catchy “Polterguy” which showcases everything the band does well. Hand claps, Oasis type vocals, and guitar-a-plenty, accompany this exceptional tune.

For fans of: The Vines, upbeat rock shrieks, clever lyrics over fun guitar solos, menacing drum beats and infectious handclaps, Arctic Monkeys




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