Twelve Songs for the Last Weeks of Summer

I don’t know where you are, but people in Cleveland are getting a little bit antsy about autumn coming.  A whole bunch of my friends have been complaining about the warm sun, the gentle breezes, the green leaves still on the trees.  They keep asking for sweater weather, telling me that they want hot chocolate and pumpkins already.  I say–WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH–hold up, aren’t you the same people who were calling for t-shirts and no more snow last January?  Why are we rushing into things?  There is still two weeks left of summer and I am in no hurry.  Sweater weather in Cleveland lasts a solid six to eight months.  There is tons of time for coziness and pumpkin spice whatever, too much time if  you ask me which no one is which is why I just put my opinions on the internet for you to enjoy.

Anyway, here are some songs which pair perfectly with these last few weeks of summer which I (and hopefully you) will enjoy to the full extent of my ability.  Some are new, some are older, some are not in English, some are more obscure or more independent than others.  You might like some and hate others.  Let’s go.

1. Honeybucket–“Pursuit of Happiness”
This EP just dropped about a month ago and I can’t get enough of this Kid Cudi cover.   It’s fun, it’s upbeat, it’s danceworthy, it makes you want to stomp your feet and sing along.  Indulge in this newgrass revival of an old favorite.

2. Taraf de Haidouks–“Clejani Love Song”

This band is really cool. Romanian band, eleven pieces, old world instruments. The band itself has been around for twenty-some years with members new and old.   The people and music are Rom (gypsy) and it’s really cool, plus this video is super beautiful.

3. Red Baraat‘s “Chaal Baby”

This band and this song have been a go to favorite of mine for years. Indian influences and New Orleans style, it’s really unique, and fun, and noisy.  There is trumpet.  Listen to this song as many times as you can to finish your summer perfectly.

4. The Killers “Runaways”

“Kate,” you say,”this song is oldish, mainstream, and it was on Battle Born which was not my favorite Killers album.”  I say–I love that album and this song is the work of art that the end of summer 2015 deserves.  It makes me want to build enormous campfires and jump into deep bodies of water.

5. Band of Lovers “Ponderosa Pines”

Because this song and this album is full of wanderlust and cozy cuteness.  These guys are playing in California right now so check out their website for dates and locations!

6. Yellow Ostrich “Whale”

The perfect last run in the back yard song.  The perfect creek hiking song. The perfect dancing in the damp grass by the campfire song.

7. Willow Smith “F Q-C #7”

This song is fun, catchy, and makes me want to climb trees and jump in creeks like Willow.

8. Poema “Forget You in LA”

YES! YES! YES! Review on these ladies coming soon because they are fantastic but this song should be on your radars right now. Don’t waste another minute.  The perfect bittersweet ending to summer and a rad video.

9. Ariel Pink “Are You Gonna Look After My Boys”

This song is fantastically catchy, intensely fun, super dancey, and really obnoxious all at the same time.  If you hate it, I’m sorry.  If you love it, you’re welcome.  I love Ariel Pink and can’t get enough especially when the weather is still fine.

10. The Rebel Light “Strangers”

This band has an incredible summery feel and this song is just anthemic.  Finish your summer correctly and pray that these gentlemen make me a full length album soon.

11. Page France “Jesus”

Sweet, upbeat, soft, lovely.  I love the late summer imagery in this song.  It conjures up dancing through ripe vineyards with Jesus by Lake Erie.  Every one is playing instruments and having a nice time before the harvest.

12. Baiana System “Tarapia”

Some of my favorite summer sounds.  Electric and infectious.  May winter never come and summer never end.


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