Julia Nunes – “Something Bad” is Everything But

So you might already know about Julia Nunes. The incredibly charming Youtube sensation has garnered the support of over 200,000 followers before raising over $70,000 on Kickstarter to record her new album Some Feelings. It is this generation’s success story. Charismatic and endearing, her music has an unassuming but confident allure to it. This talent attracted the attention of many established friends including a first paying gig of opening for Ben Folds before going on to play Bonnaroo (twice) and sharing a stage with Weezer and pop princess Katy Perry.

“This album chronicles my realizations about how shitty I let my life get, I didn’t feel good about myself, constantly seeking the approval of people who didn’t get me. I was angry all the time and I couldn’t figure out why. There are songs about how I almost stayed and how I almost let it happen again. I was so comfortable feeling uncomfortable that I couldn’t fathom a better option. I thought I was just very easy going but it turns out I was numb and I didn’t know what I wanted. There are songs about looking back in horror, and looking forward with hope. You also get to hear me fall in love again which is dope.” Explains Julia. Her new album comes out in September but here is a sneak peak of her first song, shot in her trademark style, “Something Bad”. Her bluesy voice and soaring spirit makes this a very anticipated release for us here at Ear to the Ground.

You can also check out her fun and blooper filled covers on her exclusive Youtube channel. Here is a great rendition of “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran. You can also pre order her album here.

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