3 Singer-Songwriters For Your Saturday

We get so many extraordinary music submissions here at Ear to the Ground that it can be difficult to pick who to cover. This week we bring you three such singer songwriters who all deserve a little love. These guys are refreshing and surprisingly cheap to download ($5 for great music? Sign me up!) Enjoy!

River Crombie

Besides having a perfect name for his chosen career path, River will quickly become one of your favorite artists. He draws comparisons to a more folk infused Paul Simon with his mellow tunes of landscapes and heartbreaks. His latest release Light Trails will sneak up to you like a gentle summer breeze that causes memories of simpler times. It is an easy going sound created with expert precision.

Kevin Marble

One of my favorite things about Kevin is his distinct voice. It brings wisdom and truth to the surface while a mood of fragility hums in the background. On “Maybe Not”, he deals with the uncertainty of relationships and the hope that lies at the end of commitment and sacrifice. A heavy work ethic and humble spirit comes out on every note. You would be well served to listen to his tunes of spiritual exploration, complete with great harmonica and wandering insight.

Talmon Owens

Folk rocker Talmon Owens has California in his bones. Recently he wrote his self-titled release with the woods of Big Sur as his inspiration. He has a diverse sound that dabbles in country, pop, and Avett Brothers type folk ballads. There is a refreshing mood of hope and endurance in his songs that is endearing. Talmon is an extremely gifted musician and your life would be much richer with his sun soaked jams.


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