Album Review: The Whiskey Charmers–sexy, ambling, neat

Let me start with saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this album.  I enjoyed every moment of it equally and more so each time I have listened to it.  The Whiskey Charmers are a bumping and rambling trio hailing from Detroit.  They boast three talented, charming, and elusive musicians–Brian Ferriby on drums supplies subtle, driving beats. Carrie Shepherd plays guitar and offers neat, slightly chilled vocals. Lawrence Daversa playing electric guitar, resonator, and steel lap guitar.  I’m sure that I am not the only one here who loves steel guitar. Their sound is minimalist but multidimensional. It is warm and soft, but not necessarily mellow.

Listen to “Vampire” for a sexy, gritty, groovy story about not listening to the warning signs.  Shepherd’s voice is cool and sexy, the rhythm is soft but driving.  The lyrics are simple, a bit funny, dark with some syrupy suspense swirling through the melody.

I love the imagery presented in “Neon Motel Room”.  I love the ambiance of those red and blue lights, the idea of sitting in the half dark on a bed with someone who you don’t know too well, but you are ready to go places with them, to head down the highway toward who knows where.  This song makes me feel like I am ready for something but I am still waiting.  The guitar is a bit more intense here, a bit more apprehensive and dissonant.  I love it. This is my favorite song on the album.

“Parlor Lights” is silky, sultry, spooky, and slinky.  It carries hints of folklore and drafts of a cold breeze. “I’ve been walkin’ a thousand years with these chains on my feet. So turn on those pretty lights and set me free.” Rhythmic guitar reigns supreme here while resonant electric sets the tone.

“Sidewinder” is excellent, comparing a sketchy dude to a snake in some cool imagery and slinky, swaggery guitar riffs.  “Waltz” finishes off the album with something a bit softer and classic sounding.  It’s a song you could sing to your kid before they go to sleep.


These cool kids are touring to all of the cool places except for the ones in Ohio.  So you all should catch them while they’re hitting Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, and Kentucky.

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