Quick Hit: Alessia’s “Here” a party anthem for the introverts.

In the summer I tend to go to a lot of house parties.  “This will be fun.” I tell myself.  So, I go with my husband. I bring a bottle of something or a bowl of something.  I walk inside and realize that there are people there and then I go hide in the kitchen and wash the dishes and play with the cat while inadvertently eavesdropping on the conversation surrounding me.

So I heard Alessia’s song “Here” a couple of weeks ago and have had it on repeat since then.  It’s a song about an introvert at a party and it perfectly captures most of my feelings at any kind of social gathering.  I’m sure that I am not the only one who will take a hit in the nostalgia from it.  Even if you don’t, “Here” has a groovy sound and a firm beat.  It’s hearty and danceable.  Alessia’s voice is sultry, berry-flavored, rich,  and catches perfectly on the corners between the notes.  She’s a very talented young musician with a unique sound.

This song has blown up a bit on the internet over the weekend but you should still definitely listen to it.

If you love it, you can purchase “Here” here.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming album from this young artist.

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