Fool’s Gold – Top Album of ’15 Candidate

If you are anything like me, you spend the first few weeks of the New Year anticipating the first great album of the year. With ’14 in the books and ’15 picking up speed, it only becomes a matter of time before it pours out of your speakers like medicine for your burdened soul. Always unexpected, this album usually kicks off a series of great art and makes you wonder how you ever existed without it. Mark today on your iphone calendars as the day your fickle ears find the first great album of 2015.


LA’s world-indie band Fool’s Gold have created something special on their latest album Flying Lessons that will speak to musical tastes across the various musical landscape before eventually ending up on the top album lists in December. This is the band’s follow up to the 2011 release Leave No Trace, which led to acclaim from major outlets like SPIN and NPR and even earned them a tour spot with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Mixing African and Middle Eastern sounds along with relaxed pop longings, Fool’s Gold is a collaborative effort from members across the globe and fronted by Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov who spent part of their youth in Israel. Flying Lessons is a true melting pot of sounds that will unleash hope and unburden your heart long after the last note is played.


“I’m In Love” is a fun tune in the general arena of a funky TV On The Radio jam. The music video is exceptional as well and really tells you everything you need to know about the band (including a hypnotic dancing camel). If you love afro-beat drums and humbling guitar, then this will definitely find its way on your playlist.


“Lady Of The Lake” is a relentless Smiths type song with overwhelming drums and steady guitar therapy. The band finds a groove here that carries you through the remaining songs with a child like wonder and expectation. This mood is continued in my own personal favorite track “Break The Cycle”. This song is classic Fool’s Gold and shows just how talented the group is. They have an uncanny ability to blend various instruments and vocals without feeling rushed or cluttered. They are as disciplined as they are whimsical and will compel you to sing along.


“Another Sun” is an existential jam that compels your heart to soar. Lyrically the song could be about a relationship with others or ourselves – they are ambiguous enough to stoke the imagination but specific enough to be highly relatable. The following song, “Wildflower” continues this trend and is the perfect long summer drive song. Listening to this is like remembering an island vacation you never while it relaxes your nerves and lets go of the day’s worries.


The album wouldn’t be complete without an old-fashioned bluesy Hebrew song. “Ta’alumah” closes out the album in style and is reminiscent of another worldly artist, Devendra Banhart. Whether you understand Hebrew or not, you will find yourself nodding your head and attempting to sing along. The guitar here is amazing and worth a listen.


Flying Lessons will make you dance, think, jive, groove, and most of all; make you glad you are alive. It is a deeply creative and expressed piece of art that you are sure to fall in love with. You can pick up your very own orange vinyl copy on Record Store Day (April 18th), or wait until May 19th for the digital and CD release which you can pick up for a great price here.


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