Sterling Fox — Quick Hit

So the music of Sterling Fox is one of the more interesting pop commentaries that I have come across this year. With a proven pop track record of ghostwriting for the likes of Avicii, Adam Levine, and Madonna, Fox has been on the rise lately. His latest effort is a dreamy psych pop tune entitled “Freak Caroline” (an obvious ode to the great Neil Diamond). He refreshingly describes the song as “loosely based on people I’ve worked with or written for” and is “a reaction to their narcissism” and the inability to have “anything real or meaningful to say about the world.” Wow. What an honest portrayal of the state of pop music.

The tune itself is both soulful and sugary sweet. Think Foster the People mixed with more psychedelic funk influences. The space the guitar fills toward the end will take your mind on a journey you will not soon forget. Fox’s lyrics are both a little off putting and charming. It tells of the all too familiar Hollywood burnout that awaits many artists.


“Blonde, crazy, you’re vain and vulgar

A suicide in a limousine

While daddy fills up the gasoline

Oh it’s such a shame you’re over

In the end it’s a tragedy

We’ll tell her thanks for the memories and hey

So shy

Reaching out and touching me and fuck you”


Check out the trippy music video and then go download the track. Your subconscious will thank you.

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