The Jason Connelly Band–quality, sincere country music.

Jason Connelly has spent most of his time in the American South.  Over the last six years he has grown immensely as a musician, starting off as a solo artist with a few instruments in the back of his car, he has grown to a regular touring band with a decently sized following and five record releases. He has a sound with a wide range of appeal. A little country, a little bit of soft rock and roll, follow that with earnest, romantic lyrics, soft, rollicking rhythms, and classic, southern sounding vocals–it’s a recipe for success.  “Bitter Blue” is The Jason Connelly Band’s latest full length album.  This stuff is easy to listen to.


“Love You Like I’m Crazy” is a catchy jam that can easily get stuck in your head but it’s the kind of song that you don’t mind it being there.  He sings about the girl he’s stuck on, passionately declares his admiration of her in the choruses.  Lots of cool guitar noises, happy keyboards, not too much drums.  This is a fun and sweet song, the kind that you could dance around the livingroom to or just keep in the background during a dinner party.  It makes your face smile.


“Memories” makes me think of my dad.  He loves this style of country music.  Emotional, sincere, twangy, nostalgic.  I love the organ sounds, the multiple voices, the down-to-earth lyrics about every difficult thing becoming an important part of your life.  This song is real and empowering.


I love the passion of “Man on the Moon”.  The guitars and vocals roll around like the ocean in the starlight.  The title track, “Bitter Blue” is methodical, even, and hopeful.  He sings of failures and second chances, treasuring the beauty of the memories we have even when we don’t have all of the answers.  I love the way that voices are used on this album, not to harmonize but to support.  It is beautiful. “Homemade Wine” is nostalgic and sweet just like the bottles of it on the rack in my kitchen.



If you used to like the pop-country music on the radio, you should listen to this, it’s the same idea but so much better.  If you enjoy classic rock, romance, or dancing around the living room, you should invest in Jason Connelly.  Check him out on soundcloud, itunes, spotify, or Pandora.

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