Jeremiah Daly–real, live, and introspective.

This man has a sound like a cup of french pressed coffee at six-thirty on a Tuesday morning.  I’ve had Jeremiah Daly’s latest EP on repeat since early and what a beautiful source of bliss it has been.  “Live at True Tone Studios” is a collection of five honest, simple songs recorded in one take.  At one point Daly was pursuing a future with pop band “The Perfect Measure”.  He left over a year ago to pursue some solo work, to write, sing, and play the songs that were wafting around his brain, songs which were not written for an audience but for himself.  He released his first solo EP last year and on Christmas we were gifted its counterpart.


Daly’s voice is full, wholesome, sweet, with some bright acidic tones.  This EP features his gentle, soulful guitar playing–just enough to showcase the vocals and lyrics.  “Always” discusses the difficulties of life and finding hope and beauty in the people who love us. “Love is always there for me.” There is always someone who loves you no matter how many times you screw up, even if it’s not the person you want–someone loves you.

I like the cheerful, soft finger-picking which opens up “Miles Away”.  It sounds like walking through the woods.  This song is extremely introspective, thinking through the ways life changes, the people who leave us but never really leave.  We hold onto the scars and memories that we are left with. People change us.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s just part of who we are, even though it hurts sometimes.


This little EP is the perfect thing for a quiet car ride, an early morning, or a sunny afternoon.  Check it out here and enjoy!


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