Kate Bee’s Best of 2014

Kate Bee’s Top 10 Albums of 2014

#10: Benjamin James Caldwell – EP

Earthy male voice. Pairs well with Rocky Mountains, the Oregon Trail, falling in love, and craft beer. Talented songwriter.

#9: Stacy Randol – Fables

This sweet, sweet Nashville lady makes some wonderful music. Landscape, melody, she moves from city to country to wilderness with grace. She glides around between genres leaving wildflowers in her wake.

#8: House of Hats – This Love

My show off album. High quality, gentle, nostalgic. Three part harmonies flow all the way through each song. This is a beautiful album made by gorgeous, talented people.

#7: Jason Tyler Burton – Headwaters

A breathtaking album. Perfectly curated and beautifully executed. It pulls you in and does not let go. Soft, rhythmic, emotive. It tells a story.

#6: Lulu Mae – Mean River

Seven people working together to make something so, so beautiful. Rock and roll and folk. Harmonies, melodies, rivers and seasons. Indulgent.

#5: Miner – Into the Morning

California is not just for surfers and movie stars anymore, now it is for naturalists, adventurers, and those of you who love folk music that sounds like a sunrise on the beach

#4: Young, Beautiful, In a Hurry – Royalty

Sexiest album of the year. Gosh, I am still obsessed with this band. So many wonderful things all going on at the same time. Upbeat, driving, gritty, and refined.

#3: Wild Rabbit (formerly Bre’r Rabbit) – The Wild North

Flawless, beautiful, adventurous album full of unique harmonies and glorious word pictures, a forest with a skyline.

#2: The Bad Suns – Language & Perspective

Punk infused Los Angeles rock and roll. Catchy, dance-worthy, energetic–these songs just flow through your veins.

#1: Ashley Raines and the New West Revue – After the Bruising

Brooding, simple, introspective, raw, raw beauty. Stormy, but infused with dusty sunshine. Honest.

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