Kate Bee’s Best of 2014

It’s that time of year again! Without further ado, here are staff writer Kate Bee’s best songs and albums of 2014.

Top 10 Songs of 2014 (in no particular order)

Bad Suns – “Salt”

This song would even get Baptists to dance.  Great introspective lyrics glide along to a beat that stays with you all day.

Wild Rabbits – “Distant Lands”

Male harmonies, female harmonies, everyone in harmony telling stories about being lost and coming home.  Melancholy, yet catchy, upbeat, and vibrant.

Young Beautiful in a Hurry – “Hot Mess”

Have you heard this song yet? Seriously, how great is it? Don’t waste your time reading my description. Simply click the button next to this and enjoy.

Desert Voices – “Dime in My Pocket”

Driving lyrics, aggressive banjo, stomping, clapping, brash harmonies, sound wisdom.  Listen to this song.

Jason Tyler Burton – “A Garden Grows”

Simple song which paints vibrant pictures.  Poignant, real, sweet.  Mountains, valleys, rivers, and streams.

Miner – “Hey, Love”

The song that everyone is singing in their souls, a walk down a pretty, friendly street. This song is the knowledge that everyone is looking for something and letting that bring us all together.  Oh, so catchy and fun.

The Retro Frames – “Midwest Grey”

Dusky. Smokey, loving but trying to quit.  A truck in a field.  Winter is coming and that cold wind is going to blow off Lake Erie and right through your soul.  The male and female voices were made for each other, the memories are ones we all share.

Lulu Mae – “The One We Do Together”

Begins with a “HEY!” and some trumpet. Solid and rhythm driven, a gorgeously energetic ballad.

Stacey Randol – “Open Roads”

Glamorous, gritty, simplified.  Poetic lyrics. Controlled vocals which soar as the song progresses.

Ashley Raines – “Daddy Knows Best”

A song full of memories and hope, carried by a voice of gravel and whisky.

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