Laura Welsh–beautiful, gentle, powerful.

When I first opened the link to Laura Welsh‘s self-titled EP the first thing I thought was, “Wow.  She reminds me of Priscilla Presley.”  She has those big doe eyes and dainty mouth.  Her look is both current and classic, those things don’t really matter, though because–wow, this girl can sing.  Her four song EP was just released earlier this year and already her songs are making waves in the UK and have been featured on several television shows including Grey’s Anatomy.

Laura’s sound is a little bit alternative rock and a little bit soft and smooth.  Her vocals are emotive, gentle, and strong.  The songs are well-produced with really nice instrumentals, heavier on the rhythm, vocally driven.  I love the instrumental transitions and all of the movement in Laura’s voice.  She soars, drifts, dives, tips, and booms.  It is just gorgeous.

The first song, “Ghosts” reminded me of my high hopes for the upcoming soundtrack for “The Hunger Games”.  I don’t care about the film, but the soundtrack has been curated by Lorde and I have high hopes for it.  This song seems like it fits that feel.  It’s a bit dark, emotive, and features some really exquisite lyrics. “Bones shake. It’s lonely. It’s late. Footsteps echo. Glimmers of hate.”  Laura produces a wide range of elegant sounds with her beautiful voice in this song.  I love it.  It is powerful.

I also really enjoyed “Break the Fall”.  It begins with a powerful, stomping beat and vocals that begin strong and only grow and grow.  This is sort of a love song, but not an optimistic one. “I want to love you but I’m just too cynical.”

Laura has a full length album due out later this year.  I am definitely looking forward to it.  You should watch for  it because this lady is a powerhouse.

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