Six Reasons to Add Little Sur to Your Rainy Day Listening.

  1. They’re westerners moved east. Frontman Josh Meer and a bunch of friends brought the Bay Area to Brooklyn and their sound is smooth and fits as easily into country roads as it does rainy city streets.  It’s good music for a rainy day, thought I may just think that right now because it is raining like a romantic comedy here and Little Sur is fitting the mood quite perfectly.


  1. The music includes lyrics like, “Wish my parents shared with me their own bags of bones I know they’re stashed away tight beside their old unknowns” and “My vision swayed I left here, before a splintered cadence kept us ashamed”.  Loads of beautiful imagery in these songs.
  2. There are two gorgeous all instrumental pieces on this album. They sound like impressionistic paintings, Van Gogh’s and Monets. Pastel pinks, bold blues, twinkling piano, watery views.  I would take a whole album just of these, please.
  3. There are so many sounds, but it doesn’t feel like it.  This isn’t big music.  It is gentle music.  The layers of sound and harmony are so carefully constructed that you do not even realize just how many voices and instruments you are listening to.  Just listen to “Summers”. The harmonies in that alone are enough to send shivers down your spine.
  4. There is banjo. There is organ.  There are some cool and oh-so-subtle creepy sounds at the beginning of “Sue and Abram”
  5. “Modern Studies of Ancient Times” is their sixth release.  They play regularly in and around New York City.  If you’re in the area, you should see them.  It wouldn’t be the kind of show that would blow your head off with sound and leave your ears ringing for days, it would be the kind of show where you could sit quietly, think about the words and leave quietly, not wanting to talk to anyone for a while.
  6. Everyone needs some alone time music.  It could also be dinner party music, but I believe that this would be best suited for time when you are alone and just need to think or feel something.

“Modern Studies of Ancient Times” is available on Bandcamp for a donation.  These musicians are true artists who believe in their work and so do I.  Go enjoy them.  There is so much beauty and skill here.

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