Shaun Bosch–brought to you by the gorgeous Canadian wilderness

Some albums paint a portrait, a portrait of the artist or of the listener or both.  This album is a landscape.  It sprawls with gentle highlights, mountains and valleys, trees and rivers, the sun illuminating surfaces and casting shadows.  “Silence” is one of the prettiest albums I have listened to in a long while.  I am loving the picture that it paints.  Shaun Bosch, the creator of this gorgeous work of art, is a Canada native who is enormously inspired by love, loss, family, relationships, and the beauty of the world around him.  His writing is honest, the music is smooth and dreamy.  There are strings, piano, percussion, and Bosch’s warm sunshine voice.  This album is perfect for a road trip, or an intimate evening in.


I would like to bring your attention to the first track on the album.  Partially because it is a gorgeous collaboration with Miss Emily Coulston.  The lyrics are poignant and the voices were made for each other.  The gentle acoustic guitar and beautiful assortment of string instruments melt into a puddle of gold.  And partially because it is accompanied by one of the most gorgeous videos I have ever seen.  Please enjoy it right here, right now, cry, swoon, feel something.   Enjoy the beauty of that vast Canadian wilderness.  Then go check out the rest of the album.

If I could go back in time and have some kind of music played at my wedding, it would be “Canopy”.  Music at weddings usually just makes me bored but I think that this would make me cry if someone played it.  Good cry.  It is a beautiful song.  The lyrics describe the building of a relationship, dealing with good and bad memories, working for love when we are blinded by our own selfishness.  But there is a canopy of stars and dreams which we share. We built it and we stand underneath it. “Why don’t we just fall asleep underneath this canopy.”


I love the sweet nature of the strings ushering in “Clouds”. “If I could start my day with you that’d be ok. If I could spend my days with you, that’d be ok. The way we float around I know this much, that it’s not hard to find a cloud to touch.”  I love how the lyrics of this song capture the floaty, real feeling of really liking another person, enjoying their presence.  It’s a nice feeling.  This song gives  you a similarly nice feeling too.  It conjures up pictures of lying in a field of sunflowers with someone you like, finding pictures in the clouds, laughing.


“Distant” is more somber.  Still beautiful, just a little more sad.  It’s a song about missing someone.  “We can send our love down the pipeline.”  Long distance between lovers, family, friends is always hard.  Even in a world where communication in so easy, it is hard to not be with someone who you love.  “These days my heart aches and breaks apart…I wish I didn’t know what this felt like.” Oh, but the distance makes togetherness so much sweeter.


You should listen to this entire album because it is simply so beautiful.  This is Mr. Bosch’s first album and I am incredibly impressed and excited for more from this incredible artist.  Please support him if you love it.  He has obviously put a lot of time, work, effort, heart, and soul into this piece.  Thank you for your work, Mr. Bosch.  It is beautiful.

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