Review and Free Music Friday! Oxford and Co. EP – Oxford and Co.

Every once and while, Noisetrade promotes the music that seems to belong here on EarToTheGround. Oxford and Co. is one of the examples of this. A spot spoken vocalist, reminiscent of And The Giraffe, a folksy electric sound (think The Head and The Heart) and some heartfelt lyrics combine to give us a band oozing with potential.

“Twenty Days”, the first song, is a near perfect love child of the two previously mentioned bands. It’s a slow building, electric, almost ambient song that shows that range of sound these guys can make. The second track, my personal favorite, has a Lord Huron-esque sound, one that evokes Old West traveling music and is a sad song, hence the title, “Love is Gone”. It’s got a beat, mostly tambourine, that seems like it would be perfect in the background of a movie about the Old West.

“Sinner Baby”, the third track of five, is a much more bluesy song that sounds almost like a Ray Lamontange cover. It’s a song that shows its influences clearly and does so very well. It’s a song that could easily get some radio play and help bring that folk/blues/funk style that we’re all so fond of. The band, on this one EP, does a great job showing off its range, as “I Will Be Right Here” shows the slower, more romantic style, one that again is vaguely Lamontange-like, but different enough to be unique.

Oxford and Co, with a short 5 song EP, has shown us that they have the potential to make some serious music and garner some serious attention. It’s a fascinatingly diverse group of songs and it’s a great way to start the weekend with some free music. Go! Enjoy!

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