Hey Rosetta! – Second Sight – Start Your Summer Right with Flawless Indie Rock

When the Memorial Day holiday approaches, it becomes obvious that its time to find the perfect winds down, summer driving music. With upbeat tempos, energetic melodies and a very unique sound, Newfoundland, Canada’s Hey Rosetta! has given us the perfect album to kick off summer with Second Sight. Continuing on with their unique sound introduced on Seeds and their phenomenal holiday EP, A Cup of Kindness Yet, this seven-piece band has given us a great, complete album sure to find a home on those hot, winding roads.

Beginning with the cleverly titled “Soft Offering for the Oft Suffering,” Second Sights quickly makes its presence known with a couple uniquely complicated and up-tempo rock songs. The use of electrified strings and horns shows that the 7 members are all significant contributors to the sound and the slow build of the songs really provides a stellar look at how the songs came together.

Perhaps the album’s best song, “Dream” is a song that builds and adds and removes things like harmonies and percussion to create a feeling like a musical collage. When the chorus hits, it’s like taking a step back to see the big picture. The bridge, which begins with nothing but a piano, features some of the album’s best lines: “Who says we can’t, who says we can’t, who says we shouldn’t,/ Who says we couldn’t, make it just like we love it?/ Why can’t we, just like a dream?”

Another fabulous addition is “Harriet,” a horn and piano driven track that shows you the diversity of sound on the album. The strong bass line and truly unique sound highlights lead singer Tim Baker’s fabulous voice as he croons, “Oh, they don’t know you, not like I do, not like us, Harriet./ But they would love you, just like I do, if they could, Harriet.”

Overall, Hey Rosetta! has crafted a great indie rock album that creates a vivid picture of their unique sound and an uncanny ability to create songs that are cohesive, despite sounding very different. Second Sight will certainly be an album that sticks with me throughout the summer and for years to come. Hey Rosetta!’s sophomore release doesn’t disappoint in the least.

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