The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men – Wrong Side of the Road

Ok everyone, it’s June, it’s about to be officially summer, and that means it’s time for good ole summer driving music. While we’ve had a few good ones over the last few years (Bronze Radio Return, The Lumineers, Green River Ordinance), this year’s mightbe the most quintessential summer music I can think of. Take a healthy dose of The Black Crowes, throw in a side of Dawes, add a splash of Tom Petty and what you get may very well resemble the bright, joyful sounds of The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men.

What makes these guys special is that they have a sound that feels very comfortable and somehow finds a way to weasel into your subconscious. I’ve been listening to Wrong Side of the Road for weeks, and I find myself returning over and over, especially on warm nights driving home. Every time I come back, a song reveals something new to me, something I missed the last time and the time before that. It’s a rare treat to find something that feels as familiar and fresh after 100 listens as it did the first time.

Many of these songs show the range of the band as far as styles and influences go, but the word rock is about as perfect a word as you’ll likely find. “I’m Gonna Find You”, the first track, is a great example of the style of the band and how much it exemplifies rock music. “Trouble Town” sounds like the musical love child of The Black Crowes and Dawes. It’s as if Taylor Goldsmith and the boys covered a song from Shake Your Money Maker.

“The Hardest Thing” is another gem on the album that shows the writing chops of the band. It’s a song that comfortably fits in their style, but elaborates on their abilities a little more than others. Overall, Wrong Side of the Road is an excellent place to begin if you’re new to The Coffis Brothers and another great entry into their catalog if you’re already a fan. Follow the link below to access their Bandcamp and here more of their music.

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