The Forty-Eight–Radio Symmetry and an Anthem Against Industrialized Art.

Alissa Beyer has been a solo act for a long time.  The singer-songwriter recently decided that it was time to try, not something else, but something new.  Now she has a band.  A great band that supports her sultry rock-and-roll voice so so well.  They have released an album called “Radio Symmetry”.  If you enjoy some quality rock and roll, here are seven good reasons why you should check into this album.


1. This album is its own anthem.  It is a cry for individuality, for art and musicianship. It is a message against the music industry.  The first track is an introduction exploring the subtle ways that ingenuity is squelched in the mainstream music industry.  Beyer and her band are artists, they’re not in it for the money or the fame.  This is about art.  On their website, there are a variety of photos of Alissa.  There are a few professional shots and a number of candids of her performing. The studio shots don’t thrill me, but I see the real Alissa in the performance photos.  You can see the emotions that these songs and voices pull out of her.  It’s something really beautiful.

2. They have a female frontman.  I don’t know about you, but I love finding powerful females in rock bands that are just as good or better than the boys’ rock bands.

3.There are these sweet, twinkly (not girly) little guitar riffs layered under the lyrics hidden in the corners of transitions.

4. There are lyrics like “We tried so hard to climb but these walls are so high and our bodies are tired and breaking. Still hope’s left in our eyes, our scars burning with pride, this time we will rise and make it.” and they are set to punk-infused, emotive, hopeful rock-and-roll.  Beyer is not just a musician, she is a dynamic writer with great things to say and messages of hope to roll out for everyone who will take them.

5. It feels a little old school, think Heart.  And a little high school all grown up, think the best of Avril Levigne but without the drama and dark make-up.

6. Beyer has a great voice with an awesome range.  Her band is skillful, talented, and they compliment her voice as much as she compliments their sound.  The harmonies on the corners are tight and well blended.

7. This album is really well made and cleverly set up.  It is written like a pop song.  There is an introduction, it builds, rises, breaks down, bridges, and performs.  I thought this was super cool considering the statements that they are making about the industry.

If you like girl-power, punky rock, independence, and great music, you should check out this album and enjoy it for all of the wonderful things that it has to offer.  I am so thankful to Alissa and the band for making this.  Buy art from artists.

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