We Died at Sea- The La La Bird

We Died at Sea. The La La Bird.

We Died at Sea/Bandcamp, 2014.

https://wediedatsea.bandcamp.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/WeDiedAtSea

I’ve covered We Died at Sea previously, and they even made my year’s top list, so it should be no surprise that I jumped when I saw that they had a new EP out.  It coming out on my birthday was just gravy.  As much as I liked Wolves, The La La Bird keeps the best features of the group’s work, and shows some growth as a band, with better refinement and honing of skills.

“The La La Bird” is a bright and shiny little diddy on the difficulties of hard labor and hard time.  Yes, you read that right, and We Died at Sea does a stand up job of conveying the requisite positive energy needed to get through conditions like this while the backing is a big double bass to drive the gloom and sobriety home.  Following along after a brief pause is Minute Rag, with their faster-than-an-auctioneer calling and solid quick-play on their instruments; it’s a true rag and quite a fun one at that.  Ten of Spades has a real honky-tonk feel at times, which is interesting coming from a UK band, but it works and that’s what matters in the end.  Memphis Flu has the most memorable vocal work, and it has a flair that reminds me of Justin Townes Earle.  Ending up the EP is Four Heathens, which sticks out from the beginning.  The pure music is haunting and melodic, as it manages to weave itself into the mind and make itself comfortable for a while.

Just as I recommended Wolves, I’m highly recommending The La La Bird.  Either would make a great introduction to We Died at Sea, and this is a group that you’ll want to get to know.

Meanwhile, back on the farm- er, in Kent, Ohio- I got to see an extremely elite private session with the hot new item, The Brothers Secaur.  OK, it was more of a reunion than a new group, but still just as good.  And a private concert with such talent- how can you beat that?!  With big thanks to Kristin, this week’s review is dedicated to our good friend Ben on the day of his 40th birthday party.  Rock on, man, and have a most excellent year, as we all hold on to Australia.  🙂

Personnel: Chris Wallum (voice, guitar), Rob Bromley (violin, voice), Felipe Petry (double bass, voice), Fran Watson (percussion, kazoo, voice)

Tracks: The La La Bird, Minute Rag, Ten of Spades, Memphis Flu, Four Heathens

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