A Sunday Night Show You Can’t Miss

Marshall Jacklin: Putting on a Show

Marshall Jacklin/Bandcamp, 2014.


Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Marshall Jacklin plays piano like an early-career Bruce Hornsby, with a touch of Rufus Wainwright.  He brings verve and a wry smile to his performance on Putting on a Show.  Jacklin keeps your toes tapping and makes you want to learn the lyrics as quickly as possible so you can sing along to these happy-go-lucky piano ditties.  His playing is skillful and soulful; his lyrics range from quirky to passionate.

Tracks: All Mine Tonight, Roots, A Raft in the Ocean, Don’t want to make a Mistake, Can all be so Easy, July Heat, Smiling so Wide, Much Younger, One and the Same


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