Three new rock tracks to energize your weekend

Porto Ruby – “Your Bird Has Flown”
-Sometimes people need to be reminded that rock music didn’t start out as head-banging hard music. The origins of rock music sounded a lot more like bluesy folk music, a lot like this track from Porto Ruby. A lot of folks would hear this song and think it was an early Beatles tune. Yep, it’s that good. The stand up bass really makes it feel more like a traditional track, but I like the way the easy going rhythm section allows the vocal to soar over everything. I’m not certain, but I think the lyrics are about the feeling of sadness and uncertainty when your “bird” (i.e. girlfriend) has “flown” (i.e. left you). It’s a jangly, bouncy break up song. And it absolutely works.

Hello Sister – “17”
-I’ve been a lot of things in my life, including being 17 years old (a lifetime ago), but I have never been a 17 year old girl… but you know what? I can still relate to this song. The emotional weight is so carefully measured and delivered that anyone can connect. The aggressive guitars make way for a powerful lead vocal, creating a dynamic that fans of bands like Paramore will enjoy. The expressive vocal is the highlight of the track, but the whole production invites listeners into the emotions of watching a crush or love interest talking to someone else. Whew… it really makes that lifetime ago feel like just yesterday for me.

Nowhere Fast – “The Waiting”
-I’m 100% a sucker for a good punk rock vocal. It’s been that way for about 25 years and I am not going to apologize for it. When I clicked on Nowhere Fast the first time, I went ahead and accepted it without hearing more than about the first verse. The vocal, the guitars, and the overall energy is fantastic. I think the most obvious comp for this sound is Yellowcard, but there’s a whole range of pop punk bands from the early 2000s that captured a similar sound. Nowhere Fast definitely keep that energy and sound alive with this new track about holding onto what you have once you finally find what (or, probably who) you have been looking for. It’s dynamic and full of pop punk energy.

Image Courtesy: Hello Sister IG

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