Three new indie rock tracks that will put you in the coolest mood ever

Tim the Lion Tamer – “Half Past”
-Tim the Lion Tamer is one of those acts that seems to always get a “yes” from us. The clarity and precision in the delivery is really fantastic. I dig the understated folk rock vibes of this track, but mostly I like how it just makes me feel cool when I listen to it. The production on this has such clarity in the guitar and vocal, with subtle percussive influences that keep it moving. Ultimately, I think this is a song about finding your way home and feeling all alone. It’s an emotionally rich song that’s sure to find a lot of “oh, yeah, I feel that” responses from listeners.

Paige Valentine – “Retrograde”
-Production can really make or break a performance, so I have to applaud the engineering on this track from Paige Valentine. The effect on the vocal creates this depth and richness that makes it stand out immediately. There’s a cool timeless rock energy to the song with some atmospheric elements giving it an ethereal vibe. The whispery intimacy captured in Valentine’s vocal certainly gives it a unique energy as well. I can’t be sure, but I think the lyrics are about running away with an outlaw or a wild man. It feels a bit fantasy, a bit futuristic, and a bit like a fever dream… in the best way. This is a colorful rock tune.

Lost Canyons – “Tear Me Up”
-I can’t say that a several measure electric guitar solo to open a song keeps me around very often, but this one works. Once the vocal enters, the track goes from good to great, creating a chill element and a narrative that makes the listener want to know where we’re going. It’s got a “driving down the coast” vibe to the rhythmic structure and open guitar vibes. The lyrics are about how difficult it is to keep pressing on when we feel cut and hurt. It’s especially about the performative element of pretending to be alright when we’re hurting inside. The beautiful atmospheric vocal harmonies are an absolute joy on this song. I hope a lot of people will add Lost Canyons to their own playlists. This is a band deserving of more attention.

Image courtesy: Paige Valentine IG

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