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Jonathan Nah – “Monday”
-This song is so smooth you’re sure to smile as big as I do when I hear it. The soundscape is beautiful, just like the lyrical imagery. It’s a cool sound that seemingly brings together elements of 70s and 80s into a cool pop sound that feels just right for our 2020s moment as well. Nah’s vocal is appropriately smooth for the groove of the track. The lyrics talk about the feeling of Mondays when we all question what we’re doing with our lives. What are we doing and why do we matter? Great questions. Better groove. Delightful song.

Karoline Larm – “Emily”
-There’s a beautiful intimacy in this song that you feel right from the very start. Have you ever had a relationship so close that you can literally predict what they are going to say to you before you speak? That’s the premise behind this song, a relationship that’s focused on connection and recovery. The orchestral element of the song makes it rise emotionally to a place that’s impossible to ignore. The softness and intimate connection of the song is inspiring. For caretakers and those who have helped a loved one (especially in the wake of a broken relationship), this song will resonate. It’s a healing song. Share it with those who need healing… and it’s ok if that’s you.

The Mezz – “Now I Found You”
-It’s really hard to find good synth work that doesn’t feel like a cheap mockery of the 1980s, but this sound from The Mezz is a soaring, powerful anthemic song. Also, if you’ve ever found the person you want to be with, it kind of does feel like a magical 80s montage going off in the world around you. This song evokes vibrant colors and the energy of synthesizers as a reflection of what it’s like to find the person who makes it feel like you can breathe again. It’s a feel good track with some gloriously optimistic soundscapes, great for a danceable playlist.

Image courtesy: The Mezz IG

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