Three unique new singer songwriters that leave genre in the rearview mirror

Jessica Doolan – “Stay or Surrender”
-Power pop. Singer songwriter. Dynamic vocal with impeccable range and exceptional control. Say what you will for superlatives, Jessica Doolan is absolutely a rising star! This song is evidence of Doolan’s incredible vocal control that allows these emotional lines to be conveyed to the listening audience. It’s not too ambitious to compare Doolan to artists like Adele and Kelly Clarkson. Yes, really. If you’ve ever been in a defunct relationship and wondered if you should stay, this song will be relatable. The emotions are raw, powerful, and meaningful.

Megan Chen – “Waterfall”
-When I started listening to indie pop music a few years ago, I had no idea just how much I would personally fall for this sound. Capturing the best of “pop” sounds without all the wild superficialities of modern production techniques, this sound from Megan Chen brings forward a quality vocal. Fans of emotive lyricism will be drawn to Chen’s songwriting. “Tell me how you miss me right after you kiss me” sounds romantic, but ultimately it’s a song about someone who lied in the relationship. This is heartbreak with a bit of a tough streak. If you’ve gone through a rough breakup, give Chen a listen; this is an empowering and emotionally complex track with sing-along power pop energy in some places.

Julia Jade – “this is what i get”
-I try really hard not to use words like “cute” and “adore” because they are often loaded (and unfair) terms for a music critic… BUT THIS SONG is so cute. I adore it. There, I said it. Julia Jade writes these deep, personal lines that resonate even more with each listen. If you’re a poet or writer, you’ll definitely connect with this feeling of letting “strangers in your heart.” I don’t want to speak out of line here, but I think it has a double meaning. It’s about a past relationship (and a false sense of intimacy). But I think it’s also about the relationship between an artist and the listening audience. What do you think? Do you feel like we, the listeners, are the ones being invited into the artist’s room? Let us know in the comments.

Image courtesy: Jessica Doolan IG

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