Three new folk tunes that will bring joy to your spirit at the end of 2023

John Constantine – “What happened to sunshine”
-As an avid lover of folk music and good harmonies, I fell for this song right away. Everything from the delicate acoustic guitar to the beautiful layered harmonies all work for me on this one. It’s a beautiful, enjoyable song with great imagery and emotional connection. I’m not entirely sure if “sunshine” is a reference to a specific person or to lightness (i.e. feeling dark/sad/blue). I’m incline to interpret it as a double meaning with a bit of both. Either way, it’s a wonderful tune from a promising, emerging folk artist.

Belle Mt. – “The Ashes”
-I appreciate the quality of this song. It has a gentle piano part and emotive vocal that’s sure to stand out for a lot of our followers. The theatricality and dynamics of the piece are definitely unique within the folk genre today. If you’re a fan of confessional, almost prayer-like lyricism, you’ll find a lot to like about this song. The beginning is good, but I strongly encourage you to wait for the chorus before determining how you feel about this song; it’s an emotionally rich and rewarding listen.

Aaron Rizzo – “Funeral Etiquette”
-Have you ever heard a song that made you stop and say, “wow, I never thought about that before?” I definitely did that with this track from Aaron Rizzo. Of course I have been to funerals, but I’ve never really considered the ways in which we conduct ourselves in those settings. The reflective lyric, “I hardly feel I’ve lived a life at all,” smacked me right between the eyes. Sonically, it’s got elements of folk, pop, and… I guess pop rock. The dynamics are focused on the emotions of the piece and it’s one that will make you stop and think, that’s for sure.

Image courtesy: John Constantine IG

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