Three indie folk tracks that made me say “wow” upon first listen

Laura Lucas – “Valentine’s”
-This song is about intimacy in both lyrics and composition. The delicate folk duo harmonies on this song stole my heart right away. I love the chords. I love the harmonies. I love the mood. In fact, I’m putting this song on my song of the year candidates list. The intimacy captured in the lyrics about the fear of being hurt by someone you love is absolutely stunning. “Maybe I chose this.” It’s so emotionally heavy and yet beautiful. Fans of intimate folk duo harmonies will love this, too.

Fennel & Friends – “Summer Nights”
-The acoustic energy of this track captured my attention right away. The heartfelt vocal style reminds me of a band from my youth (Coldplay, maybe?). There’s an endearing energy to the song that keeps me coming back to it. I definitely personally connect with the lyrical theme having spent some amazing “summer nights” with dear friends. When a song can connect with an emotion like this, there’s some special alchemy happening with the songwriting process. This is a gem that will put you in mind of some great memories.

Julia Aronovich – “Phantom Pain”
-The image that pops into my mind when I hear Julia Aronovich’s voice is a sprite. Not the drink… the fantasy, fairy-like creatures that fly and bring little bits of magic. I don’t know why that’s the image, but I feel it. This song is about experiencing a haunting pain from someone who used to be close. The repeated message, “leave me alone,” is heartbreaking because there’s evident pain here. The song itself blends genres from folk to folk rock with a fervent, emotionalism. This is more than just a song; it’s an artful expression of pain and a meditation on what it means to “give in to love.”

Image courtesy: Laura Lucas IG

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