Three singer songwriters that blend genres for something special

Eva Snyder – “voldemort”
-This is a song about disappointment and a relationship that didn’t work out. The writing style is really similar to Taylor Swift. In fact, I’d love to play this for Swift. I think she would love the angle, the emotional rawness, and the scathing pop culture reference for the villain in the story. The vocal work on this track is really exceptional. The overall style is relatable. Despite the layers and production dynamics, the listener can hear (and feel) every word. This is superb.

Rosie H. Sullivan – “Chapters”
-I’m a sucker for a nice, easy going rhythmic acoustic guitar to ease me into a song. This track starts off with a palatable, chill acoustic guitar that introduces the listener to a beautiful voice. The whole vibe feels a bit like a Joni Mitchell style. The lyrics encourage listeners to focus on the “chapters of life,” that we importantly don’t experience the same things over and over. We enter into unique phases along the way. “When did you decide to open up your eyes?” Such a cool concept. This is an inspiring tune.

Starbloom – “My Room”
-Sometimes a song feels like a poem set to music as much as a “song.” This is an example of that sort of thing; there’s a narrative to the lyrics, sure, but it’s got a poetic phrasing and pace to it. The “reading my diary” dynamic of the song does an incredible job of speaking to the importance of self reflection. If you’ve ever been the type to meditate or journal, this song is sure to appeal. I really appreciate the unconventional instrumentation that makes the lighthearted style work well so that the deeper existential lyrics can permeate. This is a good song from an artist that seems well on the rise.

Image courtesy: Eva Snyder IG

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