Three alternative forms of chilled out pop rock music that you’ll want to hear immediately

Haizen – “Buzzkill”
-The vibes of this track are immaculate. It’s got the shimmer and shine of a cool indie pop song with plenty of mood. The layers in the production provide for a syrupy mix that stands out in the indie pop genre. The vocal is excellent and the guitars make for a delightful base for the melodic vocal. The overall combination is a mood and energy that is about a disappointment but is done in such a way that will allow listeners to feel a connection with the spirit of the track.

ili – “Tongue Tied”
-If you’re a fan of great lead vocals, there’s a lot to like about this track “Tongue Tied.” The opening is almost conversational in its approach, but after the break the song turns into a dance tune. If you’ve ever had feelings for someone but struggle to communicate with them, this song is for you. There’s a fantastic, flirty energy to the song that is going to be relatable to anyone who has ever felt the depth of infatuation. It’s an absolutely perfect track for a fun flirty playlist or a girls night out dance tune.

Mantra – “Living”
-This track is at the beautiful intersection of indie rock and indie pop. The glowing style of the production won my heart on first listen. The quality of the lead vocal is outstanding. The chord changes, especially from the verse to the chorus, is one of those delightfully unexpected expressions that keep me coming back to new music. Mantra writes with a style that is equal parts traditional rock and then this “hit you with something unexpected” sense of experimentation. To be honest, this is the kind of music that the Beatles would make in the 21st century if they were still making music (and no, I don’t make that comment or comparison lightly). This is an exquisite bit of songwriting.

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