Three alternative rock tracks with energy to propel you through the week

Modern Alibi – “Seventies”
-I dig everything about this track. The bass hits just right, the guitars are stars in their own right, and the lead vocal has just the right amount of angsty expressiveness to make it work for the style. This is a great rock jam with all the depth and layers you want to hear in a good alt rock track. I appreciate the way the syncopated beat adds an additional bit of texture. The lyrics are more introspective than you might expect from the genre, creating a “whole package” performance from Modern Alibi.

Preston Lydotes – “Lonely as me”
-This track has artful layers that are as unpredictable as they are satisfying. Something about the song manages to be traditional while also feeling like nothing you’ve ever heard. The easy comparison for me is Adam Melchor. Lydotes uses a beautiful theatricality in his songwriting. The opening half of the track feels more like the folk music we typically feature on our channel, but the more aggressive alt rock guitars eventually make for a stylistic break in the song. This is the kind of music that may not make it to the top 40 but it’s masterful and deserves a wide audience. Fans of truly unique rock-flavored bands like Queen will find a lot to like in this track from Preston Lydotes.

Weatherworn – “Steer you wrong”
-I could summarize my review of this track with one sentence. “I love the guitars on this track.” But I’ll mention a few more things. The upbeat style does a great job of propelling the song forward. The expressive and impassioned vocal style are perfect for the alt rock scene. The layered production makes the song feel like it’s a product of the 21st century while hat tipping toward a lot of the iconic styles of the late 20th century boom in alt rock. This is a song that could ring out over the crowds of Warped Tour and do quite well. But the guitars… dude… definitely the highlight of this creative and exciting track.

Image courtesy: Modern Alibi IG

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