Three unique takes on pop music, including an early 2023 song of the year candidate

The Collection – “Love at the end of the world”
-I love everything about this song. I won’t bury the lede here; this is an early song of the year candidate. The theatrical composition style works perfectly for the epicness of the lyrical content. I admire the overall gravitas of the track completely. The message, though, about finding love “at the end of the world” is so profoundly magical and inspiring. In a world of so much social media drama, the song points us to the things that have meaning. This is a remarkable song for an unprecedented moment in human history; as we face many collective challenges, may we all be blessed to turn towards genuine connections of love as encouraged by this powerful indie pop anthem.

Cam Ostrom – “Tired of trying to be found”
-There’s a soft, unhurried nature to this track that connects immediately. The peaceful acoustic energy works really well here. The vocal harmony does a nice job of ushering the introspective and meaningful lyrics. If you’re looking for a contemplative acoustic folk song with an indie, dreamy pop spirit to it, then definitely give this track a spin. It’s perfect for a writing, studying, walking, meditating style playlist. It’s full of colorful, thoughtful engagement.

Lindsay Coulson – “Sweatshirt”
-This is the story of an article of clothing. Well, ok, it’s the story of a relationship but the sweatshirt is the lyrical device at the center of the song. If you’re a fan of emotional songwriting, you’ll find a lot to like in Coulson’s style. There’s an ethereal quality to the transition between the verse to a fantastic, dynamic chorus. I don’t think it’s too much to compare this sound to Taylor Swift. Coulson writes with an engaging, expressive style that matches in intensity between the pop rock instrumentation with emotive moving lyrics. This could and absolutely should be a top 40 track. It would be amazing to see it fly up the charts!

Image courtesy: Lindsay Coulson IG

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