A pair of folk tunes to help you through the emotional complexity of breakups

Meadowlark – “Goodbye”
-The soothing acoustic guitar on this track immediately caught my attention… then the vocal came in and absolutely won my heart over. What a gorgeous piece of songwriting with a colorful mood that makes the song work really well. If you’ve ever felt the type of “fool for you” romantic sentimentality in the track, you will connect with the song’s spirit. It’s not simply a love song or a breakup song; it’s a heartfelt expression of complex emotions written with some beautiful folk elements.

Eastcliff – “Now you’re just a ghost”
-The first time I heard this track, I found myself intrigued. The phrasing is wonderful, almost calling the listener to lean in a bit to focus. As the electric guitar expresses the base melody, the atmospheric elements create an environment around the main storyline that feels inviting and cozy. But at the heart of the lyrics is pain and distance, disconnection rooted in loss. It’s a song about feeling okay with moving on while also a kind of loneliness because of the end of the relationship. It’s sad, sure, but it’s infinitely relatable to anyone who ever experienced a lingering breakup. It’s powerful.

Image courtesy: Eastcliff IG

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