Three rock tracks that will get you moving this weekend

Ravine – “I hate this time of year”
-This song is quintessential pop indie rock! I love everything from the syncopated rhythm, to the synth, electronic effects, and obviously the quality of the vocals. The lyrical concept is emotional and engaging, focusing on a bygone relationship. If you’ve ever gone through a rough time and always associate it with a specific time of year, this song will be relatable. The combination between the frustration of the time of year with such a catchy composition style is the epitome of pop rock.

Mary Middlefield – “Two thousand one”
-As someone who enjoys both indie folk as well as indie rock music genres, it was really interesting to find the complex blend of the two on this track from Mary Middlefield. I appreciate the mysterious and evocative energy in the opening of the track, which finds some sweet resolution on the chorus. The lyrical theme is a bit unsettling; it sounds like the person the song is about wasn’t very good, yet the main character still writes songs for and about him. That said, sonically it’s quite creative and interesting.

The Last Chaperones – “Sidewinder”
-In point of fact, this song came out a year ago. We’re happy to feature it now, though, because it certainly has some up tempo energy. The layered vocals are something that we’re happy to support. The genre blend on the song leans toward indie rock with some pop-flavored harmonies in the background. The overall style of the track is sure to put smiles on the faces of a lot of pop rock fans.

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